Tasty water in a tasty package.

Water in carton packages constitutes a brand-new concept of “jogging water“, replacing plastic bottles, breaking down the CO2 footprints and placing a completely recyclable container on the market, thanks to a high content of plant-based material: well over 70%.


Approximately one Billion liters, these are the numbers of the bottled water market in Italy – of which a small part is destined to the foreign market – accounting for a per capita / yearly consumption of over 200 liters.
We are, in fact, the European country with the highest consumption of water in PET, ranking in third position globally.

Water has been bottled in carton packages for over 40 years, but after the 1980s carton containers were replaced with plastic, a much cheaper packaging material. Indeed, plastic is the most present and visible waste on beaches and in cities globally. In addition to its clearly serious environmental impact, it is often forgotten that plastic bottles can release substances harmful to liquids under certain circumstances.

Reducing the consumption of plastic water, preferring the network water, using durable and reusable containers is not enough. Conscious consumption of “jogging water” requires practical, intelligent packaging that respects its content and the whole environment.
Are you ready to change?

Acquainbrick’s mission is to trigger and nurture the culture of using water from carton packages in Italy.
An ambitious, as well as necessary goal.

Many wonder why we chose to source from a European manufacturer, when in Italy we have about 250 brands of water . The answer is simple: we are not importing a product, but a PROJECT.

A project of culture, innovation and change.
As of January 2020, only 3 manufacturers in Italy bottle water in carton packages. This is merely a drop in the ocean compared to our total national production as well as the lack of information both on the characteristics of the container and the actual possibility of drinking water in another way.


We work in partnership with the largest European manufacturer of cardboard for water packaging
Acquainbrick distributes the Only Water brand exclusively for Italy.
Three bottling lines for 3 formats (330ml, 500ml, 1liter) to match any customer needs.


Maximum levels of quality and control, production certifications for each international market are guaranteed.
Water has a fresh and pure taste, microfiltered with advanced purification systems, with a low fixed residue, coming from the Spanish springs of the Sierra Blanca Mountains.

Chemical analysis

Chemical analysis
Fixed residue a 180°C: 29 mg/l
Acidity pH: 7.3
Conducibilità μS/cm a 20°C: <118
total hardness mg CaCO3/l: 32

Chlorides: <10 mg/l
Nitrates: <2 mg/l
Nitrites: <0.025 mg/l
Sulphates: <25 mg/l
Bicarbonates: 58 mg/l
Alluminum: <10 μg/l
Calcium: 13 mg/l
Magnesium: <1 mg/l
Manganese: <5 μg/l
Potassium: <1 mg/l
Sodium: 1.3 mg/l


We are importing into Italy a cultural model which is not yet present in our country but which is already a deep rooted and functioning model abroad.
Drinking water from a more sustainable and fully recyclable carton container and understanding that the logic of saving (i.e. using plastic) is not always the best choice for the environment.


Thanks to the collaboration with Only Water we can collaborate actively in the project “Pozos sin Fronteras“, a Spanish NGO whose mission is to build artesian wells in problematic areas of the world.

Pozos sin Fronteras

Water is the first need to build a thriving human society.
Pozos sin Fronteras has been working since 2003 to actively intervene in communities that suffer from water scarcity. Thanks to the abundancy of water it is possible to build sustainable societies in their homelands, with education and agricultural training as pillars of a long-term development. The NGO Pozos sin Fronteras is currently active with projects in Bolivia, Burkina Faso, Morocco, Ethiopia, Peru, Togo.

By purchasing Acquainbrick, you contribute directly to the constant daily work of the volunteers of this NGO through a percentage of our commercial income.