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Ready to change?

Water in carton packages.
Are you ready to change?

Constantly rapid changes in society generate the needs for shifting behaviour.
Research and innovations create new opportunities.
A new way of thinking is needed.


Acquainbrick is a project offering an ecological and intelligent answer to the need to change. Water in carton packages constitutes a brand-new concept of “jogging water“, replacing plastic bottles, breaking down the CO2 footprints and placing a completely recyclable container on the market, thanks to a high content of plant-based material: well over 70%.

We are Acquainbrick, a unique, modern way of consuming water.

We are a green project.
We are an innovative start-up consisting of a group of professionals in the marketing sector and we offer our shareeholders a clear message aimed at raising consumer awareness regarding the state of pollution caused by plastic, while promoting an alternative to the traditional plastic bottle, for an increased daily consumption of “jogging water”.

At present, carton packaged water for on-the-go consumption is the only viable alternative to plastic bottles.


Vegan Soul.

Can you drink water from a container made up of a minimum of 70% plant-based material?
Yes you can.

The carton package:

  • is completely recyclable
  • is made of a min. 70% plant matter
  • uses cellulose derived from FSC certified forests
  • has a bio-based cap composed of cane sugar derived polymers
  • is resistant and opaque to protect the inner liquids
  • is robust and compact to facilitate storage and transportation
  • is totally or partially customisable for an immersive user experience
  • is a new innovative marketing & communications channel

The Acquainbrick container is mainly made of paper.
Over 70% of the container is made of renewable raw material and is completely recyclable. The paper comes from FSC® forests. The shape of the carton container adapts perfectly to all hand sizes to offer a comfortable grip during consumption.
A perfect solution for every consumer.

Acquainbrick is the
private label water.

We are specialists for carton packaged, private label water.

Completely neutral, minimally personalized or totally yours: we always have the right answer for your needs.
There are four main solutions in our range, each displaying different minimum order quantity and delivery times

% vegetal materials
% recyclable
months of activity
active customers
k plast containers replaced
people in the team



Mass Market



Full Brand

Water for Water.

Acquainbrick is your ethical choice.
Part of the commercial proceeds go to the “Pozos sin Fronteras” project, a NGO that builds artesian wells in water shortage areas. For every 1000 liters of bottled water, we help this project by making a 13 euro donation.
Now you can also make a difference.